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The Possibilities are Infinite with Optimum Origens


Who is Optimum Origens

We are a group of customer-focused IT professionals with over 20 years of experience supporting clients who demand high uptime and real-time communication. With our genesis in building out and managing contact centers, we learned early on what it takes to manage high-availability environments.


What We Offer


Backup as a Service

With managed backups, all the data stored on your infrastructure will be duplicated and stored on a secure off-site server.


IT Security Services

An outsourced approach to managing a company’s security concerns. Anti-Malware (protects from viruses, malware, and other cyber-attacks).


Software as a Service

With Software as a Service, Managed Services Providers distribute applications via the cloud, and then act as the go-between for your company and the software developer.


What Are The Benefits Of IT As A Service (ITaaS)?

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Minimal Upfront IT Investment

Our Desktop as a Service (DaaS) is an offering where we provide your hardware for a monthly subscription which includes life cycle asset management. This allows for predictable monthly payments; your finance team can budget with confidence and have transparency with IT costs.

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Scalability And Agility

Speed is the currency of today’s competitive business environment. ITaaS means that IT responds quickly to changing needs. This contrasts with traditional IT that had long and inflexible lead times. Flexibility means that you can scale up and down as your needs change. With our VM hosting and virtual PBX, we can deploy a customized environment for you in our cloud.

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Strategic Approach

Move to a consumption-based model. Engaging a partner to operate the infrastructure that reduces the time and effort to move to production. Automate processes and procedures. Leverage consistent monitoring across all environments. With ITaaS, businesses take a strategic approach by only paying for what they use. In the classic model, ITaaS is concerned with how to perform functions as costeffectively as possible. ITaaS focuses on delivering value to the customer and end-user by sharing resources across multiple clients. Customer satisfaction, engagement, and improved customer service are key indicators.


At Optimum Origens

We meet your technology needs by providing access to our team of experts and our vendor relationships to allow business leaders to focus on their core, comforted in the knowledge that through this partnership they have the most cost-effective CTO to support their goals. That’s why we provide flexible options that help you build the right IT support plan to optimize your business. We are here to complement your existing IT team or put together a comprehensive support package for smaller organizations without internal IT.

Let us Manage your IT”.


What Are The Benefits Of IT As A Service (ITaaS)?

  • Flexible, cost-effective enterprise-grade service.

  • Proactive incident detection and management

  • 3rd party vendor management

  • Daily, Weekly, and Monthly reports detailing system availability, incident management, and root cause analysis.

  • Integrated Change Management Procedures

  • Access to our international team of experts (virtual CTO)

  • Simple pricing model (no surprises)

  • Extensive experience — Optimum Origens brings its carrier-grade network DNA to your local network

  • Addressing our customer pain points through the customization of the services offered

  • Ease of onboarding

  • Hosted data center based in Florida

  • One-stop shop for your technology needs

  • A well-managed, proactive approach to managed capacity, agility, and cost control. Through this, IT can provide more resources towards innovation and meeting business needs.

  • A highly scalability-on-demand process as part of an everything-as-a-service hybrid model.

  • Predictive analytics and proactive support to eliminate downtime and reduce staff time spent resolving them.


What Our Clients Say!

Our company faced a very specific set of needs and challenges in Information Technology and IT Management. As a Contact Center that focuses on customer care, uptime and responding to customer needs were critical. Optimum Origens was able to analyze and categorize those, then develop and implement an IT strategy that addressed our business needs with the application of appropriate technology and services. Having a Virtual CIO to provide the high-level strategic and budgetary technology advice we need has been a windfall in productivity and efficiency. I’d highly recommend Optimum Origens as an IT Partner for anyone who values the effective application of technology as a part of their business strategy.

Linsy Goodson, Esq.
Managing Partner | Atpoint



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