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What Is IT As A Service?

ITaaS is the outsourcing of Information Technology functions. We at Optimum seek to assist customers who either don’t want to spend their resources developing an internal IT organization or have identified gaps in their existing team but still need the expertise to grow their business. ITaaS allows companies to have access to industry professionals rolled into a simple monthly subscription fee. Because these resources are shared, the cost benefits can be passed on to you the customer. Our focus is on innovation, security, and responsiveness to customer demands. This allows our customers to focus on their core business

  • Hardware Deployment and Management

  • Network Design and Implementation

  • Software and Operating System upgrade and patch management

  • Desktop Management

  • Security

  • IT Governance

  • Strategic direction

  • Smart Helpdesk Solutions

  • Compliance

  • Cyber Security Awareness Training for end users

  • Network Documentation

  • Project management and implementation

  • Liaison with IT vendors and telecom service providers​


What Are The Benefits Of IT As A Service (ITaaS)?

Customer-focused and scalable solutions that adapt quickly to market demand then IT as a Service (ITaaS) is your answer.

The reality for businesses is that it is time-consuming and expensive to develop and maintain your IT infrastructure in line with industry best practices. This leads to a situation where your business’s IT environment is inadequately maintained, with unresolved cascading issues, system failure, and downtime.

Optimum Origens, at its core, is designed and formulated on the premise to be informed of and invested in advances in technology. Part of this undertaking is for Optimum to scale its services, so as to provide cost effective alternative to the traditional model.

Today’s businesses move at an incredible pace, meaning that hardware upgrades can be too slow to keep up with your changing needs. The technology that you used three years ago may almost be redundant, even if it was the best fit at the time.

Strategic Approach

Move to a consumption-based model. Engaging a partner to operate the infrastructure that reduces the time and effort to move to production. Automate processes and procedures. Leverage consistent monitoring across all environments

With ITaaS, businesses take a strategic approach by only paying for what they use.

In the classic model, ITaaS is concerned with how to perform functions as cost-effectively as possible. ITaaS focuses on delivering value to the customer and end-user by sharing resources across multiple clients. Customer satisfaction, engagement, and improved customer service are key indicators


Our Leadership

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