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We provide the following:

Redirect Valuable IT Resources Providing connectivity to applications, services and people is paramount.


Cloud Services
Organizations are beginning to use cloud computing in higher focuses.

Hosted PBX
We offer several proactive support packages designed to keep your technology functioning as expected.

Desktop Services
Our desktop management is a comprehensive approach to managing all the computers within an organization.


Managed IT Services
Optimum Origens can provide turnkey solutions where we design, build, implement and manage, your infrastructure.

Optimum Origens Virtual CTO Services
The consultants at Optimum Origens are professional at operating with you to seek out business-minded solutions for any IT-related issues.


Backup as a Service

With managed backups, all the data stored on your infrastructure will be duplicated and stored on a secure off-site server.


IT Security Services

An outsourced approach to managing a company’s security concerns. Anti-Malware (protects from viruses, malware, and other cyber-attacks), Patch Installation Verification Security Reporting, Log Management and Analysis, System Monitoring, Testing, and Remediation, Security Awareness Training, Access Control, CCTV.


PCI DSS Certification

We will ensure that the IT infrastructure is complaint and ensure that your policies and procedures are in line with PCI standards and recommendation.


Software as a Service

With Software as a Service, Managed Services Providers distribute applications via the cloud, and then act as the go-between for your company and the software developer.


Work from Home (WFH)

Streamline Company Processes 

We developed a work-from-home (WFH) process that utilizes the latest in industry security and standards.  The basic rules applied to our deployment allow us to monitor, control, and restrict end users based on policies.  Utilizing VPN technology to allow secure connectivity between the end user and the corporate network where required.  Each computer is protected with the latest ZERO Trust technology and secured with remote monitoring and management. All WFH computers require Multifactor Authentication (MFA) and all drives are encrypted with the latest encryption technology, which prevents unauthorized users from accessing the hard disk without a secure key.

On top of this standard deployment process each deployment can be tailored to the specific needs of individual clients. For example facial recognition tracking of the agent, Clean desk area tracking by video, real-time screen recording, keystroke logger etc. 


Support Services

We provide our smart helpdesk services powered by Zoho. With its AI-enabled knowledge base, we can attain improved response times and first-call resolution.

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